Rear Extreme Bumper - Erweiterung

Rear Extreme Bumper - Erweiterung

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Enjoy maximum protection for the rear end of your Polaris® RZR® by adding this Extreme Rear Attachment to the Low Profile Rear Bumper. Using the Polaris® Lock & Ride® technology, the Polaris® RZR® Extreme Rear Attachment installs in minutes atop the Polaris® RZR® Rear Bumper and offers outstanding protection for the vehicle’s headlights and hood. It features strong, durable, 1 ¾” thick tube steel construction and has cast corners at the outer edges for optimized durability and style. Its durable white wrinkle finish matches the finish of the vehicle’s stock framework and the Rear Polaris® RZR® Bumper.

Color: White.
Material: 1 ¾” thick tube steel.
Installation: Lock & Ride® installation on the Low Profile Rear Bumper

What's Included

  • Includes: Extreme Front Attachment and Lock & Ride® mounting hardware


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